Nature & Terroir

AuTerroir wines are unconventional, unadjusted and unmistakably elegant. Their pure taste brings out the essence: the unmistakable terroir of the Markgräflerland and our unique steep slopes, with gradients of up to 58°. The combination of calcareous loamy soils, the warm winds of the Burgundian Gate, as well as the high humidity thanks to the slopes of the Black Forest mountains, gives the premium wines their soul. And because nature has everything in store to bring excellent character wines to the glass, it is our conviction to focus on the essentials when it comes to viticulture: Our soils and sites are farmed biodynamically and radically sustainably in balance with nature. Each berry passes through our hands before developing its vibrant profile in the wooden barrel. At the beginning of vines full of character is a demanding terroir.

58° – a Promise of Quality

58° stands for unique AuTerroir premium wines. Our grapes grow on steep slopes with gradients of up to 58°. Therefore, all grapes are handpicked and finely processed by us in small quantities, with the goal of bringing the highest quality results to the glass. Our conviction at AuTerroir is to produce stylish, timeless and puristic wines with the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Auts conviction they mature in wooden barrels made of high quality French oak exactly until they have reached their full flavor potential. This makes them elegant, refined food wines that are passed on to you at the perfect time.

Vibrant natural wines – authentically different

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For our Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chasselas and Nobling grape varieties, we create optimal conditions to bring them gently into the glass. With minimal intervention and maximum trust in the vital forces of nature, our wines are allowed to develop their taste, which makes them unmistakably different. Our grapes are untreated and free of additives until they are bottled. Their freshness and liveliness are preserved by maximum yield reduction and gentle processing. They are unfiltered, unsulfured and spontaneously fermented. Until they reach their full potential, they are aged in barriques and oak barrels from Burgundy - making them multi-layered masterpieces of the highest quality.

Biodynamic Viticulture – Natural Exchange

For us, biodynamic viticulture represents the essence and foundation of a perfect wine. Working respectfully with - and in the spirit of - nature is our philosophy. That is why, when we founded our company, we converted the cultivation of our vineyards to 100% biodynamic. This means manual work, careful handling of resources and a lot of patience. Only in this way can each vintage of each grape variety write its own story, its own characteristics, its complexity in taste. By promoting biodiversity and creating new habitats, every drop of wine makes a lasting promise to nature - and a unique promise of taste to you.

Savoir-faire – Precise Craftsmanship

Making quality wines is a challenge. Much has happened since the first vine was planted on Auggener Liesten some 70 years ago. This steep slope is unique in the entire region and brings with it both the greatest uniqueness and a challenging terrain for biodynamic cultivation. To this end, we exchange ideas with winemakers from the Moselle, Rhine and Ahr valleys who have experience with comparable steep slopes. Since Bruno Sommerhalter has held every grape in his rows in his own hand year after year, it is our claim as a family-run business to maintain precisely this loving precision work at AuTerroir and to press unconventional wines in new ways. AuTerroir stands for innovative savoir-faire. For us, substance counts, which is why our wines are natural, hand-selected and uniquely vinified. We invite you to join the journey of our wines and enjoy them for the first time this season in a completely new character development.