The idea of pressing natural wine ourselves suddenly seemed more tangible than ever over a glass of wine at Restaurant Ochsen in Obereggenen. In 2019, the foundation stone for AuTerroir was laid here. A venture - despite winegrowing experience in the third generation. The Auggener Liesten used to be called the brown mountain of Auggen in reference to the use of pesticides, which used to be common in steep slopes. This application of pesticides, which is common in difficult steep slopes and understandably carried out by hand, has led to a lack of natural greening in the summer. For these top sites, which are very difficult to cultivate, there were no young successors. 

With a spirit of innovation and courage, we converted the steep slopes to biodynamic cultivation using the latest rope-secured caterpillar technology. This technology allows us to cultivate the areas, with very elaborate biological plant protection, up to natural seeding and greening without any fertilizers. This led AuTerroir to where we are now: Our first wines have been produced. A lot has happened since AuTerroir Winery was founded in 2020. We are a family-run business with the highest ambitions, not the least of which is to make top-quality biodynamic wines, sustainably getting the best out of the circumstances for nature and people.

  • Ulrich Gehrmann

    With vision and foresight, he continues to drive AuTerroir forward. Ulrich sets new impulses with his entrepreneurial spirit and his inexhaustible experience in business management. Together with Max and Larissa he defines standards and also lends a hand in the vineyard.

  • Larissa Gehrman

    Together with Ulrich and Max, Larissa Gehrmann founded AuTerroir. At the tender age of 30, she is already a true Auggen veteran with a preference and ambition for natural wines. Larissa has been in the vines at Auggener Liesten with her grandpa Bruno Sommerhalter since she was a child.

  • Maximilian Greiner

    The AuTerroir winemaker is already a brand in his own right with his own winery, Greiner. Family friend and luminary in the natural wine scene, Max's wines have already won several awards. AuTerroir learns with and from him - Max sets the tone for the development and taste of our premium wines.

  • Ann Katrin Gehrmann

    Gives AuTerroir look 'n' feel - as creative head, art director and content manager she tells the stories around AuTerroir and takes care of branding, marketing, as well as corporate communications. She has also been a natural wine lover since the 58° Edition 2021.

AuTerroir vineyards

AuTerroir's two vineyards are located in the heart of the Markgräflerland region in South Baden. From them emerge 58° - the premium line, as well as the base line 37°. The vineyards each bring their own characteristics and textures and thus contribute to the complexity of the AuTerroir wines.

Both sites are influenced by the microclimate of the Hoch-Blauens - one of the highest mountains in the Black Forest. Föhn winds and the mild climate provide ideal viticultural conditions. Both vineyards, the Auggener Liesten and the Mauchener Ruchmatt, enjoy abundant sunshine all year round, which is reflected in the quality of the wines.

58° - Auggener Liesten

The Auggener Liesten is the flagship of the AuTerroir premium wines and one of the steepest and most extreme sites of the Markgräflerland. Due to the unique steep slope, which has a gradient of up to 58° and the south-southwestern aura direction, the optimal sun exposure is given. The cultivation of such steep slopes requires special sensitivity. In combination with light, calcareous loess loam soils, our vines are supplied with sufficient water and versatile minerals. This is because the fertile soil is very deep, has good aeration and excellent properties as a water reservoir. Here there are ideal conditions for fresh, acid-emphasized wines. Our Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir grow here. 

37° - Mauchener Ruchmatt

In the Mauchener Ruchmatt, our vines grow on very fertile, medium-heavy loess loam soils with a south-southwesterly aura and numerous hours of sunshine.Due to the soil structure, very large amounts of water can be stored, which is an enormous advantage in very hot summers. The fine limestone content provides ideal conditions for Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, as well as the typical regional Chasselas and Nobling.